Hereford FC


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As fans of both football and design, we wanted to work on something that gave us the chance to combine the beautiful game with our passion for design. We have always loved the art style of American sports & ESports teams and how they use over aggressive animals and bold type to visually express certain traits that the sports team want to evoke in their support base. This is something we spent a lot of time researching in to during our time at university.

We chose the local football team Hereford Football Club because it had recently been established by the fan base of the previous team, Hereford United that unfortunately was dissolved after financial trouble. Watching the fans of Hereford United give birth to their new club Hereford FC was a real joy and we wanted to celebrate the triumph created in the form of a new modern ESports styled badge to stay true to what the fans wanted from their young club “Forever United”.

We chose to focus on the iconic Herefordshire bull in line with previous badges, but in true ESports & American fashion we wanted to inject a bit more aggression and fight into the previously timid looking bull. This was to to symbolise strength and determination, both we felt Hereford FC would need to climb back into the Football League.

It would be amazing to hopefully one day get to officially work with Hereford FC. We would also like to start a project that would allow us to convert each Premier League team badge into an ESports styled design.


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