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November 2017


In 2017, we were approached by HerefordBid to pitch a new way finding and signage scheme concept to be used across Hereford City. Over the past 5 years the city has slowly been getting a face lift with a new shopping centre, university, transport hub along with a number of other developments planned to be finished by 2023. The ‘new way finding scheme’ needed to add to the modern feel of the city as well as hold onto the city’s historical roots.

We based our concept around the iconic Hereford Cathedral and bridge, we wanted our monolith concept to have a large illustrated image as the header making it easily seen and distinguishable from other signage boards or banners. We wanted to update how pedestrians were navigated through the city, we did this by zoning off the city into four sections (Cathedral & River Wye, High Town, Transport Hub, Old Market-Shopping Centre) we colour coded each section of the scheme and used these four colours across the monoliths, finger posts and notice boards to make navigating much easier for visitors of Hereford.

We pitched our concept to HerefordBid which was received with great enthusiasm. We were asked to make a few amendments so that the concept would meet Health & Safety regulations. Our pitch was then chosen to be taken forward, and we were given the opportunity to work alongside HerefordBid and Herefordshire Council to bring our concepts to life.

The final scheme was installed across the city of Hereford in February 2019. It was a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to work on such a high-profile project so early in our career. It fills us with joy to know that we have been involved in the growth and renovation of the city.

This project was a part of our Final Major Project during our third year of university and was exhibited as part of HCA Synthesis 2018.


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