Collectable Horror Sleeves


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MAY 2018


We were tasked with designing packaging for a limited-edition collectable set of albums, books or films. As collectors and lovers of film, we decided to focus on creating a series of collectable sleeves for iconic horror films, new and old.

When researching into the market for collectable DVD’s & Blu-Ray’s we noticed the rise of a new and affordable way for film studios to increase sales of already released films. Studios would release a range of collectable sleeves to slip onto existing cases already on the shelves in stores. The biggest example of this is Disney’s collection of their animated classics.

We wanted to take advantage of this sales technique and use it to create our own range of collectable sleeves. We noticed that it is really hard to find a single collection of some of the most iconic and scary horror films. We also noticed that most film collections are bought as a set, meaning that there isn’t much collecting involved. We wanted to create a series that would continue to grow with the addition of new films every few months – this would give the consumer the joy of the hunt and would also hype up to addition of the newest film to the series whether a new release or re-release.

We wanted each sleeve to focus on the villain of the film and for the overall design to give a dark and unnerving feel to the consumer. We wanted the covers to focus on the evil within the eyes of the iconic villains. We changed the colour of the traditionally Blu-Ray cases from blue to to red to help make them stand out against the hundreds of blue cases on the shelf. We really enjoyed being able to combine our love for films and collecting into a design project. This project was a part of our Final Major Project during our third year of university and was exhibited as part of HCA Synthesis 2018.


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